G.HN Residential Terms and Conditions

By signing up for Service, Customer agrees to all of the terms and conditions.

Terms / Termination

Customer will be provided a direct Internet connection from their Residence to Providers network using the existing building telephone cabling.  The service will be provisioned with a dynamic IP address at the speed chosen.  The connection speed will only be guaranteed for network traffic carried on Provider’s network.  Provider cannot be responsible for network speeds once traffic has left its network.

As part of the service, the Customer will be supplied with a modem and a router.  The router includes 4 port Gigabit ports, and wireless access point that supports B, G, N, and AC wireless standards.  Provider does not offer any guarantees as to the suitability of the installed equipment for any specific purpose or that the wireless signal will reach all areas of the residence.  The customer may at their own expense replace the router with another device or add additional access points to extend the wireless range.  Doing so does not reduce the monthly fee for the service.  The equipment provided remains the property of the Provider and the Provider will replace the equipment at no cost if found defective.

Phone Service includes unlimited long distance in the United States & Canada. Services include: calling number, call waiting and call forwarding. Calling name is available for an additional fee. All fees associated with directory listings will be passed on to the customer.

Our lifetime lock in assurance program will guarantee that your rate will never increase as long as your account remains in good standing. This agreement has a 2-month minimum then will continue month-to-month. There is a non-refundable, installation fee. There is an additional installation fee if customer decides to move equipment on premise after initial installation is complete. Customer must notify Provider in writing or via email to billing@ohiotel.net in order to cancel their service. The Customer will be responsible for all fees until the circuit is disconnected. We do not generally offer a refund or credit $5.00 or less. Customer agrees to return Provider’s on-site equipment including the modem, router, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and analog telephone adapter (ATA) if phone service was provided. Equipment must be returned and full functioning assuming normal wear and tear. Provider will bill customer a $200 termination fee for failure to return the equipment or if equipment is returned damaged.

Network Use Policies

Customer agrees to adhere to the network access policies and procedures of Provider and not to use its network for any illegal purpose, and not to place or cause to be placed on Provider’s network any material which violates the copyright, trade secrets or other proprietary rights of third parties, or which is threatening or which otherwise violates any federal, state or local laws. Service is being sold as a residential service for use at the installation address and cannot be shared, used, or resold for commercial purposes. Customer agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold Provider harmless from any claims resulting from any such misuse or any use that violates Provider’s network access policies.


Provider will bill monthly accounts in advance by specified statement method approximately 15 days before the Customer’s service start date. Customer agrees to pay Provider by the bill due date. By signing this agreement, Customer authorizes Provider to automatically withdrawal amount due if billing information is on file. All services over 7 days past due will be suspended and a $5.00 late fee will be applied. Bounced checks are a $25.00 fee. An eCheck.net returned item fee (insufficient funds) is $5.00 and a chargeback (dispute) is a $30.00 fee. Delinquent Customers turned over to collections will be liable for any collection fees that may occur.


Provider warrants that it will provide the services specified below in a professional manner and in accordance with the standards prevailing in the industry; and in accordance with all applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations, now or hereafter in effect in the United States. Provider will, at all times, monitor its network and its interconnections to other networks and use reasonable efforts to maintain its data network, including interconnections, in an operational state at all times.